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Swim Lessons & Classes Are Offered Year Round!

All Ages Single & Group Swim Lessons

    Water Babies Fla teaches babies and kids of all ages and swimming abilities. We specialize in working with children that have aqua-phobias, children with special needs such as Autism, ADHD, ADD, Down Syndrome & children with physical disabilities. A single lesson plan or approach doesn't work for all students. Our instructors use non aggressive teaching techniques that will allow your child to become comfortable, and eventually love water. It is also crucial to let students know that you are there with them, physically and emotionally, that you are always there to keep them safe and that you understand when they are struggling to accomplish a goal. Our Students must always complete their lessons with a sense of accomplishment. We always recognize our students victories no matter how big or small. We emphasize the importance of  safety rules. It generally takes about 10 lessons for a someone to learn how to swim, depending on such factors as general temperament, ability, attitude of ones parents and past experience in the water. We offer private, semi private and group swimming lessons for babies, children and adults plus aqua aerobics & fitness swimming. Our swim school runs year round currently available in the entire south Florida area, as a part of our service we are mobile and come to you or we offer lessons at a pool nearby.

Aquatic Aerobics

    Aqua Aerobics is for any age person looking to get into shape. Exercise in water has unique benefits:
*Buoyancy decreases the impact of the joints
*Decreases the risk of injury
*Workouts in cool water are refreshing, a benefit for those prone to heat stress.
    The American College of Sports Medicine recommends muscular development exercises two or three time per week. Aerobic exercise combined with strength and flexibility has benefits such as
*Improves range of motion and function
*Increases strength and endurance
*Increases strength of tendons and ligaments
*Improves muscle tone
*Improves posture
*Reduces lower back pain and other disorders caused by inactivity 
    Water resistance also helps to improve muscular strength & endurance. Since water resistance can be controlled or adjusted by speed or positioning, workouts can be designed to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of age and fitness level.
Aquatic exercise is an in-water fitness activity which involves walking, jogging, jumping in shallow water or running in deep water, sometimes using a floatation device.The benefits of regular aerobic exercise include:
*Improved cardiovascular endurance
*Increased muscular strength & endurance
*Enhanced flexibility
*Better weight management, the body burns calories, decreases body fat *Lower heart rate at rest & in moderate exercise
*Shorter recovery time
*Improved blood circulation to the heart
*Decreased lactic acid, a byproduct of exercise that may cause muscle soreness & fatigue
*Lower resting blood pressure & cholesterol levels

Mommy & Me Classes

(Ages 6 months to 36 months)

For these lessons, parents (mom, dad, or another adult) are required to be present in the water and will receive instruction on techniques that teach their baby to hold their breath under water,learning to climb out of the pool safely,  feel comfortable in the water, learn to float on their backs and engaging in their new environment. This teaching format is both a great bonding experience for families and a helpful method in teaching children to become swimmers at an early age.

    Neurological research links movement to learning and memory. Active movement is scientifically linked to intellectual development. Babies are born with most of their neurons but they have few interconnections (synapses) between neurons. As a baby moves and interacts with his world, neurons are stimulated through movement and develop more synapses. The more interconnections, the more capable the child is of learning. 

Recent studies into early childhood learning and cognition have shown that baby swimming lessons have numerous benefits for young children including:

*Reduced risk of drowning

*Increased development: Studies at the German Sports College in Cologne have shown that early childhood swim lessons accelerated physical, intellectual and emotional development (German Sports College Cologne. Baby Swimming: Advance Independence and Development of Intelligence. World Aquatic Babies and Children Network).

*Increased memory capacity: Studies have shown that the amount of a person’s movement and exercise increases capacity in the area of the brain associated with memory and learning (Kramer A.F. Exercise, Cognition and the Aging Brain. Journal of Applied Physiology. 2009)

*Expanded Cerebral Communication

*Strengthened Social Confidence

*Enhanced Neurological Development

*Deepened Parent-Infant Bond

Lifeguard Services

    Waterbabiesfla Fla offers our life-guarding services for many events such as pool parties. Our lifeguards will be responsible for ensuring the safety of facility patrons by preventing and responding to emergencies by
*Enforcing all aquatic rules & regulations, also educating patrons about them.
*Inspect the facility for any unsafe conditions
*Recognizing & responding quickly  & effectively to all emergencies
*Administering First Aid & CPR  or using an AED in an emergency  and if trained administer oxygen when needed.

Prenatal Water Exercise Classes

    Prenatal Exercise Classes blend aerobics, dance, Pilates, swimming, relaxation and yoga, in the comfort of water and heated pool, to promote wellness during pregnancy and facilitate the childbirth experience.

    Swimming is an enjoyable and safe way to stay fit while you’re pregnant. It improves your circulation, increases muscle tone and strength, and builds stamina. Your bump will also be supported and you'll feel almost weightless.

    Exercising in water also reduces your risk of injury and makes it less likely that you'll have sore muscles afterwards.

    Swimming can also help to ease pregnancy niggles, such as backache and swelling in your hands and feet. It may also help to relieve varicose veins and restless legs. 

Share the magic of water by feeling weightless!

    You can even join our Prenatal Exercise program before your baby is born. Our Aqua Natal classes are a great activity for expecting mothers:

·  Experience the balance of relaxation and exercise - a magnificent way to unwind and stay healthy during your pregnancy.

·  The classes take a holistic approach to a mothers physical and mental health, combining relaxation with cardiovascular exercises to help the body get ready for labor.

*You don’t have to be able to swim to join a class, as the water is only chest deep. You can take classes right through your pregnancy, unless your doctor or midwife says otherwise.*

·  Classes take place in the calming, warm comforts of our heated pools, which is one of the safest ways to exercise during pregnancy.

·  There's a science behind it too! Exercise and relaxation releases your body’s natural happy hormones, endorphins, which suppress pain and help you and your baby feel serene. This is not only useful later in your pregnancy, but also really essential during and after labor.

·  And once your baby is born, the familiar sound of the water means they’ll be comfortable when you take them swimming too!

·  You can also use these work out techniques to gently get back into shape post-pregnancy!

    Classes  are available throughout the year, our swim school welcomes small groups of expecting mothers every week!

                                                    Our Experience Shows!

We are certified with the following certifications:
* American Red Cross Lifeguard
* Water Safety Instructor
* First Aid
* CPR & Automated External Di-fibrillation
Our instructors are nurturing, patient, and motivating.

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