Prices for Lessons

All Ages & Skill Levels Welcome!

TO BE READY FOR CLASS; each student should have:

  • Swim Diaper for each child that is not potty trained
  • Goggles
  • Earplugs (optional)
  • Swim cap for hair that is past eye length & causes a distraction
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Mommy & Me Classes

These lessons are taught with a parent in the water with their baby. The instructor
will go about their lesson with the baby while instructing the parent on how to
practice skills so the baby can be ready to learn the next set of skills in the next lesson.
Mommy & Me Classes can be done on a one on one basis or a group, which ever you prefer.

Type of Lesson  How Many  Duration   PriceGroup Size 
Baby Swim Lesson  1 30
Baby Bundle Package  10 30


              Single Lessons

These lessons are instructed one on one the instructor and the child.  The instructor will teach each lesson plan and make a note of any area that the child needs to work on for the next lesson.  Single swim lessons are great so the child has the instructors full attention also children progress faster with one on one lessons. The instructor would notify the parent of what they can do to practice certain skills so that by the next lesson the child will be ready to move up a level.

Type of Lesson  How Many  Duration  Price  Frequency

Child Swim Lesson
30 Mins  Please Call to Redeem Your 1st FREE Lesson
2 to 3 days a week
Adult Swim Lesson        10
1 Hr

2 to 3 days a week


                    Package Deals

These lessons are purchased all at once, this is done so you get a discount on the lessons. Package Deals can be purchased for one child or many children to use as you wish. The instructor will conduct the swimming lessons either one at a time or as a group if you purchased the lessons for more than one child. After each lesson the parent will be informed of what skills their child needs to work on.
Type of Lesson  How Many  Duration  Price of Package


Child Swim Lesson 
30 Mins    Please call for Prices
You Get the First Lesson FREE! 
Adult Swim Lesson        10
1 Hr

      *With Package Deals You Must Prepay For Lessons*

                Group Lessons
Group lessons is when a maximum of four children are in a lesson at the same skill level at a time.

The unique design of learning allows for a "class-type" setting that often brings a very comfortable learning approach for kids.These lessons are motivating for some children that have a competitive edge, swimming with the other children make the lessons more fun for them.
Type of Lesson  How Many  Duration  Price
Group Size

Child Swim Lesson
 30 mins
5 Children Max

Aqua Aerobics

Type of Lesson  How Many Duration Price  How Many in a Group  Frequency 
Adult Aqua Aerobics  1 30 mins  $30 Each Class  8 or More Adults in a Group Every 3 Days 
Baby Boomer Bundle 10 30 mins  $20 Each Class   8 or More Adults in a Group Every 3 Days 

Life-Guarding Services

For your safety WaterBabies Fla recommends at least 2 Lifeguards at each pool party. Rates Vary, depending on dates/ times. Please Contact Us At 786-565-7768 for your FREE Quote. 


In order to get your first choice in lesson dates & times, please schedule at least 2 weeks in advance.

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